The Adam’s Apple, or thyroid notch, is the most prominent part of the airway, as it projects outward and can interrupt an otherwise smooth neckline.  Some people are troubled by this prominence, and seek consultation to have a reduction.  It is a common procedure done in cis- and transgender individuals that are self-conscious about the appearance of their neck, and can have a large impact on one’s self-esteem.  Many people see it most prominently in pictures, as our view of ourselves in the mirror is somewhat “flattened”.  In pictures, however, the turning of the head and neck can bring this structure into view.
For whatever the reason for the complaint, there is a surgical solution to the prominence of the thyroid notch, or “Adam’s Apple”.  It involves sculpting the contour of the thyroid notch through a small incision above the prominence.  This surgery can be done in the office in some candidates, or at an outpatient surgery center.  It is a delicate procedure, as the thyroid notch is not just a cosmetic structure – it houses the vocal folds that give you your voice.  Therefore, this is a specialized procedure that should be done by an experienced surgeon.  
The Adam’s Apple Reduction is often paired with other procedures as a part of Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) and can have great results when done in the context of other procedures that have a common aesthetic goal.  We have also seen great results when done as a standalone procedure.  

Who is a Candidate for an Adam’s Apple Reduction?

Ideal candidates for this surgery have a prominent thyroid notch, or Adam’s Apple, they would like to have reduced in size.  They expect a reduction and sculpting of the prominence, rather than removal, of this structure.

What is Healing Time After Surgery?

After surgery, most patients have a feeling of a sore throat that may last for 2-3 days, and minor discomfort in the front of the neck that sometimes requires opioid pain relievers (like oxycodone, or Percocet), though many patients do not take any prescription painkillers after this surgery.  We prefer to use permanent stitches that are removed on Day 4 and Day 7 after surgery.  For patients that cannot come for stitch removal, we can also use absorbable stitches that do not need to be removed.  
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